In The Shadow Of Destiny

by AfterEarth

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With over a year in the making, AfterEarth finally releases their first full length album. In The Shadow Of Destiny takes you on an journey through the end of humanity on earth.


released September 6, 2015

AfterEarth would like to thank,
Robert Kukla, Thomas "Plec" Johansson, Dusty Peterson, Sacha Laskow, Eye of Horus, Big Nate Productions, Raised Fist Productions, Ross Ferguson, "Darryn Slim B"Ritchey, Crown of Viserys, Metal Nation Radio,
and everyone else that has supported or shared the stage with us over the years.


all rights reserved



AfterEarth Calgary, Alberta

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Track Name: For Whom The Gods Love
destruction of your eternal soul
the time is running out with nowhere to go
the thin line of contemplation has passed
with weeping eyes. we look up
holding on to the ways of old
a brutal mistake they did propose
a voice unfettered lies so bold
silencing all that once was now.
a reason that's left us here
the reason
we've gone down the fallen path
knowing it would never last
you can't take control
of our self
bring it forth
we sacrificed ourselves for the whole ... for the whole
reasons untold.. nightmares.. nightmares unfold.

those whom the gods love.

holding onto the ways of old
a brutal mistake that did unfold
demise regretted
bodies go cold
silencing all that once was.
Track Name: Fire On The Horizon
the people swore to protect our cities,
they are battered and yet still stand.
until the end.
In the dark corners of the mind,
It was a moment trapped in time, trapped in memory.
a moment whose time had come again
his blade came down
on the neck of the enemy,
looking up the world he knew was gone
no rest, no mercy, no matter what.
your treason shows its face this day,
dragging the bodies into the timeless void
born with wings of pain
and a sword of blood,
a hellish incarnation
through the flames of destruction,
the legion marches
through the flames of destruction,
we must persist
Track Name: Titan's Reign
to leave this world in another state
we're reborn into these forms
silencing all in our way
through the reign of titans
discretion forewarned
When they strengthen their grip
we shall rise
I'd walk a thousand miles just to watch you burn
your ignorance reminds us of the lessons
we need to learn
here and now we must stand
because the greatest lies are inside
witness our might
witness our fury
the truth is the strife to rid the silent plight
their treason will end tonight
and then I witnessed the tyrants demise
their towers will fall tonight crumbling away
you should have left us alone
for tonight we bathe in ash and fire
Track Name: Destiny
in the shadow of destiny
my life reborn again
torn and burned anew
catching a glimpse of an everlasting void
forever seeking refuge
forever trying to learn
awaken and find us new world
will we see hope through these tired eyes
can we find reason in these pitiful lives
writhe in pain
demise in vain
breaking the silence we carry on
with weapons in hand we chant our song again
won't someone comes rescue you
its dark within the shadow of destiny
torn and burned anew
catching a glimpse of an everlasting void
will you come with me
beyond this door
walk through
another dimension
Track Name: Siege
dissolve your logical way of life
dark questions arise will you run and hide
or stand up and fight with me
this is the last night of your life
further north through the mountain peaks
the war drums bang their tunes unaware what lies beneath
cries of torture hollow and weak
a sacrifice to summon an ancient evil beast.
with a hastened stride and a vengeful pride
the demon marches onward
lusting for blood fire and instruction
echoing screams across the plains
war-torn lands devoid of all life
one final refuge we defend this night
manning the walls weapons in hand
ready to battle until the end
lightning tears the stars apart
the earth and sky ignite
shattered screams then silence
pierce this cruel unyielding night
we have one chance
we have one shot
to destroy this evil it is all or naught
hold the line
do not falter
blood will be spilled
lightning tears the stars apart
the earth and sky ignite
shattered screams then silence
pierce this cruel unyielding night
we took a chance we took the shot
and together we have won.
Track Name: Failsafe
We go along for the ride
through the sands of time
painting a picture for the world to see
and in return bitter cold reality
I awaken with thoughts of destruction
screaming in my mind, binding
screaming in my mind, of vengeance for mankind
as we piece it together
it is already to late
we fear what the future reaps
yet don't understand today.
and so we look up to the stars
finding answers in the brilliance
for us to share and pretend to see
acting on instinct is all we'll ever be
and yet, forward we must venture on
through the ruins of those long gone
to free our minds of the shackles laid upon
and regain the knowledge we've had all along
only then can we realize the path that we're on
withered and broken
hope near lost
we must rise again
I awaken with the thoughts of destruction
I awaken
screaming in my mind
marching with full resolve
we march together to bring this to a close
I awaken
Screaming in my mind

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