We go along for the ride
through the sands of time
painting a picture for the world to see
and in return bitter cold reality
I awaken with thoughts of destruction
screaming in my mind, binding
screaming in my mind, of vengeance for mankind
as we piece it together
it is already to late
we fear what the future reaps
yet don't understand today.
and so we look up to the stars
finding answers in the brilliance
for us to share and pretend to see
acting on instinct is all we'll ever be
and yet, forward we must venture on
through the ruins of those long gone
to free our minds of the shackles laid upon
and regain the knowledge we've had all along
only then can we realize the path that we're on
withered and broken
hope near lost
we must rise again
I awaken with the thoughts of destruction
I awaken
screaming in my mind
marching with full resolve
we march together to bring this to a close
I awaken
Screaming in my mind


from In The Shadow Of Destiny, released September 6, 2015


all rights reserved



AfterEarth Calgary, Alberta

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